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2023 E-commerce Shipping & Fulfillment
Benchmarks Report

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A Sneak Peak of 2023 Benchmarks Data

Shipping spend decreases by 19% year-over-year

For some merchants such as those selling Beauty/Skincare products despite carrier rate changes.

Average delivery times
have gotten shorter

For the third year in a row, though customers are more willing to wait for longer shipments.

Approximately 37%
of all US shipments

Are going to just 5 states and the majority of international shipments are going to just 3 countries.

What is the Benchmarks Report?

Knowing where your business stands as it compares to others in your product category is key to understanding the overall health of your business and where you can improve. 

In partnership with ShipHero, this years Benchmarks Report looks at key data points across a packages journey for merchants in six major categories while also looking at how macro-level economic factors are shaping the numbers we see and the decisions merchants are making.

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